Historic Peabody Opera House

o_house_meduim2While the stone shell of St. Louis’ historic 76-year-old Peabody Opera House may be original, the electrical wiring and lighting controls coursing through its hallways, banquet rooms and stages are as modern as they come.

Kaiser Electric began renovating the electrical and lighting systems in the art deco jewel at 14th and Market Streets in Downtown St. Louis in June 2010. Plans for the Peabody Opera House, included renovation of its main theater, which seats 3,200 people, and its smaller theaters with seating for o_house_small2300 to 500 people. The $6.5 million electrical component of the building’s total $78.7 million renovation included the design/build of a new electrical distribution system and installation of the theatrical, architectural and general lighting. The theatrical lighting system alone was estimated at $1.3 million.

During peak construction, Kaiser Electric had up to 31 electricians working on the project, which was completed within budget and on schedule in August.

Kaiser Electric installed occupancy sensors on all the lighting in the building’s “back of house” areas and used energy efficient fluorescent lighting where possible. Incandescent lighting was used where dimming was necessary. Kaiser’s crews also installed a backup generator outside the building for egress lighting and the elevators, a new fire alarm system throughout the building, and electrical and lighting for a new lounge and several concession stands throughout the building.