Professional Services

Consistent with our commitment to offer innovative, pragmatic solutions to clients, Kaiser Electric’s services span a wide range of industries, and include a variety of capabilities. Whatever the job, our professionals produce quality electrical installations on time and on budget. That’s why St. Louis area developers, contractors, corporations, architects, and engineers continue to refer our company and work.

Our services and industry experience include, but are not limited to, the following:

Health Care Industry

Health care providers rely on electricity in life and death situations, and health care systems rely on Kaiser Electric. We deliver innovative electrical systems and solutions to more than 10 of the area’s leading health care facilities.


Whether clients provide the plan and specifications for the job, and want Kaiser to build it, or we are charged with designing and building a solution that will meet client needs, we’ll provide value engineering.


Our industrial clients often require high-voltage work—an area that requires specific expertise, and detailed monitoring and maintenance post-installation. We can maintain, upgrade, and replace high-voltage, complex systems to meet these unique needs.

Data Centers

Kaiser Electric has helped a variety of voice and data communication companies with design-build and installation of copper cabling, fiber optics, cable networks, fiber networks, wireless networks, and more.

Commercial Realty

Whether we are called in to rehabilitate a commercial space for a specific tenant’s needs or required to adapt an existing installation to meet new commercial needs, our engineers and electricians work together to deliver a system that works.

Give us a call to discover how we can leverage our expertise for your power.